April 27

Genius Hour Blog – #2

This is the first subsequent blog I am doing about my genius hour project the Blake and I are doing together. The first thing that I have learned about my lock picking is how to lock pick. I can now complete a lock pick on a simple lock. Both Blake, and I are still very interested in this project. We are both still working hard and keeping our expectations for the final project high. Now that we know how to pick locks, we can start working on harder locks, or we could start working on the different types of locks. Locks are actually a lot more interesting than I initially expected. What I as a learner have learned about myself is that some times I will think about giving up on a project if I get too stressed, but I usually do not give up and I continue to work hard. I am getting better at researching and taking some notes. The more I do research and take notes, the better I am seeming to get at doing it!

I enjoy this project and Blake and I are going to continue to work hard, take notes, and research about lock picking, types of locks, and the history of locks. If you have any suggestions about what locks, lock picking, etc, then leave a comment on this post and we might include it into out genius hour project!

Image by Flickr user – Bilal Kamoon

Link to my genius hour partners Edublog page – http://blankford.edublogs.org/

Also here is a link to website about lock picking – http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/11/19/how-to-pick-a-lock-pin-tumbler-locks/


April 19

The College Visit

Our school went on a field trip to visit a college, and I went to Iowa ech. It was really interesting, we got to look around and see what it would be like to got that college. I enjoyed looking at the classes in session. We toured the hallways and some of the classes. We also took a look at the the library and the lunch room/ cafeteria. It was all really nice and clean. The people were really nice as well. They gave us really, really good food. It was nachos with meat and cheese, sour cream and lettuce. They also gave us cookies and soda. Then after that we went out to the dorms and saw what it would be like to live there at the college dorms. They were really nice and the price was really cheap to stay there. I would like to go to that college when I get older, I’m just afraid, like most people, that I won’t be able to afford college. I expect the college to be a lot more advanced and technical in the future, since the name IS Iowa Tech.


Image from Flickr user – GotCredit

Website to Western Iowa Tech College – https://www.witcc.edu/

April 1

The Genius Hour – #1

The History Of Locks And Lock Picks

Me and my friend Blake are working on a project together about lock picking. This project will help us learn about the history of locks, how they were made, and how to pick locks. Blake and I want to learn about this because we think it could be some very useful and valuable information to have in case we ever need to pick a lock, or need to inform somebody about which locks are better than other locks. We are going to do a lot of research about the different types of locks, and which methods work better for picking locks. This project will be fun for us as well, so we will not get bored and give up during the 8 weeks we will be working on this project. I am interested in this project and am willing to make mistakes and start over again, multiple times. At the end of this project Blake and I hope to inform the class about the history of locks, how locks work, which locks are the best, and how to pick locks.

5757312781_f21bc1a26e_zImage from Flickr user – Rachel van der Sman

Link to website about locks – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lock_(security_device)

March 28

Spring Break and Summer Break

- Groman123

Over spring break I did a lot of different and unique things. First me and my friends hung out at the park, we rode bikes. Then I went to my sisters house and we hung out and went shopping a lot. We watched some movies and ate a lot of food. Then I went back home and played video games with my friends and stayed up all night for a few days. I slept a ton and stayed up till 3:00 AM. Spring break was fun but now it’s back to school for another 2 or 3 months.

I have already started planning for summer break though. Over summer I am going to hang out with my friends and my sister. I’m going to go to the aquatic park a lot because it is gonna be hot outside. I am going to ride bikes and hang out at the park. Also, I’m going to eat and drink a lot of cold foods and beverages. I’m still going to play video games and all but just not as much because it’s going to be a lot nicer outside. Well, I know what I did over spring break and what I’m going to for summer break. How about you?

Link to FD aquatic center – http://www.myfortdodge.com/profiles/blogs/rosedale-rapids-aquatic-center-2014-rates-and-dates

Image from Flickr user – Groman123

December 8

SBC Week 10: Farewell

I wrote about 8 posts in total, and all of them were school based, my own interests, and set by the challenge. I believe only 1 of my comments I got was from somebody oversea. My Every Day Hero’s blog was the one with the most comments on it, probably because I spent a very long time on it and really tried hard on that blog. I actually enjoyed writing the Every Day Hero’s blog the most, because I did well on it and didn’t have too bad of a time typing it. I changed the theme of my blog to blue, because it’s one of my favorite colors and I didn’t want it to be boring and bland. I don’t believe that I have any widgets, so obviously not enough! I think I have 2 or 3 oversea students on my blogroll. I used Flikr.com a lot because It was a way to legally, get pictures to use on my posts to show a real visual to the readers.



1. They said It has the same style as his own and it looked well.

2. They said The Mount Rushmore Post grabbed there attention.

3. They said Nothing relay distracted them.

4. They said add a back ground image.

December 4

SBC Week 5: Hot Dogs

Here in North America, hot dogs are a very popular food. Hod dogs are basically just meat on a hot dog bun. You can put a lot of different toppings on it, but the most common two toppings are ketchup and mustard. Hot dogs are loved all around America and probably always will be. I have seen some crazy looking hot dogs like chili-dogs, and all types of unique toppings. Hot dogs are a common food for grill-outs and parties because they usually are pretty cheap, but that doesn’t make them delicious! Hot dogs go good with a lot of different foods like chili, macaroni, spaghetti, hamburgers, and a lot of other delicious foods. I personally like hot dogs with chili on them which are called chili-dogs. Also hot dogs are very easy to cook up or even make in the microwave which makes them that much more unique! Hot dogs were originally made by Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany and I think a lot of us are glad that they were made to be one of the most popular foods in the world. Hot dogs are one of my absolute favorite foods to eat and I think everyone should try them!

U.S. Embassy London

U.S. Embassy London

November 20

SBC Week 7: Mount Rushmore


Miaomiao WANG

Ragnar Schierholz

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a very unique and special part of nature. I remember visiting it when I was younger and seeing how amazing and beautiful of a place it is. It really is a work of art and an important part of our rights. If you don’t know what the Mount Rushmore National Monument is then I’ll explain it a little bit. It is basically a monument to honor these legendary people: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

When I was younger, my family and I went to Mount Rushmore. I remember how amazing it was, the cool air and the rocky mountains. I even remember standing on the edge of a railing looking at all the amazing nature. I want to go there again some day to re-live all those amazing times.

Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota, which is already a very beautiful place to begin with, but having Mount Rushmore there makes it even better. Not to forget, all the unique, and special animals.

Mount Rushmore is a really good place to go on family trips to, not only because the amazing sights and views, but also because it’s a really good learning experience. I definitely would recommend taking a trip to Mount Rushmore, it’s really fun and a great time overall.

Mount Rushmore is a very unique place and if you ever get the chance, you should definitely go there. The beautiful sights and views. The nature such as the animals, the land, and the plants. It really is just amazing. Visiting Mount Rushmore will always be one of those wonderful memories that I will keep in my mind forever and will tell my kids about when I’m older.

For more interesting facts, click here!

And for an awesome in-depth documentary, click here!

October 26

SBC Week 4: Halloween


Joshua Hunter

Halloween has always been a fun time for me and my family. We always dress up in our favorite outfits and go get some delicious candy! I like Halloween and I love to celebrate it because I love candy. I find it to be a ton of fun to just got door to door and see all the cool outfits and decorations that people do and set up. I also like going to “haunted houses” and getting scared. Also, we usually carve a few pumpkins with creepy or funny faces. It is just a really fun time in general.

I also love Halloween because of the nice cold weather. I like to wear hoodies and sweatshirts a lot and this is the perfect weather to wear them. Halloween is a very fun and unique holiday and I don’t think there should be an age limit to go trick or treating. Everyone likes candy, right?

Photo from Flicker

October 23

SBC Week 3: Adventure Land

Roller Coaster

Roshan Nikam


Adventure Land!

One of the best times I’ve had with my family is when we went to Adventure Land. It was a really hot, beautiful day in the summer, and we were going to Adventure Land!

So, we all got packed up and ready to go on a long car ride. After hours of boring car rides we finally got to our destination. We all went in and had to decide where we were gonna go first. We went on a lot of fun rides and played a lot of fun games! Then, we got some food and drinks and relaxed for a bit. After that, we cooled off at the water park.

Finally, we went home and most of us slept all the way until we got home. It was a ton of fun and it was definitely one of the most fun times I’ve had with my family.

Photo from Flickr.